Let us tell you how it works

How does Exordi work?

A brand uploads a Content Brief with all the necessary requirements. Creators can browse different briefs and choose the ones most relevant to them. The creators will then produce their content and upload it to the brief, the brand will then pick, buy and download its favourite one to use on any channel.

Can a brand send their products to creators?

Of course, we’ve already done this where a brand picks some of our creators and sends them their products. The creators in turn produce all the necessary content.

Who is Exordi for?

Brands/companies related to outdoor sports who need to: 
  • Fuel all of their digital channels with personalised, original and passion-driven content 
  • Smaller brands who are looking to increase their brand awareness by leveraging our network of content creators 
Exordi is also for people who love creating content. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or just a really passionate amateur - if you enjoy producing high quality content with different technologies, then Exordi is for you.

Who gets charged when using Exordi?

Only brands are charged when using Exordi while creators pay nothing. Brands are charged a 33% commission on the content they buy. For example, if the content costs £60, the creator gets £40 and we get £20.

As a creator, when will I get paid?

This depends on your bank but it will either be immediately or within a working week.  Make sure you add your bank information before creating any content to ensure you get paid!

Does Exordi own any content?

No, none of the content that you see on the platform is ours. We add our watermark to all the content to make life easier for the creators so they don’t need to add it.

How do usage rights work on Exordi?

The content is owned by the creator until sold. Content can only be bought once and the buyer now has usage rights over the content. The purchaser must give credits to the creator and Exordi whenever they use the content. 

As a brand, what are my benefits?

Less costs, less time and more supply when it comes to content creation. And you are the only one who can buy the content. Making it more unique, personalised and exclusive.

As a creator, what are my benefits?

Monetize your passion by getting paid and increase your visibility from content you already produce on a weekly basis.